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True Expertise, True Flexibility, True Partnership

A true relationship that values your business

When you have technology partners who understand your environment, you can focus on the business

True Technology Partners is a new specialist IT Services company with a lot of experience.

And what we've learnt is that organisations can't do everything and so we don't try to. True Technology Partners concentrates on three areas of IT services - Architecture, BPM and Integration services. If we don't do it, we refer you to a trusted technology partner.

This approach allows us to invest in our people ensuring that our consultants actually have the expertise that we claim. That's our philosophy.

what we do
Our Services


True Technology Partners provides a full spectrum of architectual services based on our sophisticated and yet easy to implement PraXtice methodology. PraXtice covers the Operational Architecture for projects, Tactical Architecture for porfolios and Strategic Architecture for enterprises.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) aligns business and IT. True Technology Partners, provide the expertise to manage and optimize your business processes . With BPM you get real-time visibility of your business performance.

Integration Services

As an IBM Business partner True Technology Partners provides integration solutions for complex environments using proven SOA principles and WebSphere products.

Why choose TTP?
Our Values

True Expertise

We only have certified consultants assigned to client engagements. We rigorously maintain our expertise working with the latest technologies products and techniques and we validate this knowledge with certifications and extend it with experience and research.

True Flexibility

Because we focus on expertise, we can provide flexible engagement models, whether you require a consultant, a whole project or a bespoke asset.

True Passion

We are passionate about our craft and strive to provide our clients with the best solutions we can.

PraXtice methodology


At True Technology Partners we are passionate about architecture, we know it makes a difference! We also know that being an Architect is no easy task. The research tells us that most architects receive little to nothing in the way of training. That they are more likely to be sent on an emphatic listening course than receive any actual architecture training. We also know that Architects can only do their best work when they have developed confidence in their methods and tools. PraXtice was created to help with that.

There are multiple editions of PraXtice that support an architecture team as it evolves.
Free PraXtice Entry point available as a free download
Professional PraXtice Operational (Solution) Architecture
Complete PraXtice Architecture for organisations
Advanced PraXtice Qualified organisations only

Free PraXtice

The Free PraXtice edition is exactly that - free - it is provided at no expense or obligation, along with the Free PraXtice ArchiMate model.
Download Free PraXtice now Also available on Amazon Download Get it on Google Play

Professional PraXtice

The Free and Professional editions address the Designer, Builder and Sub Contractor perspectives, ideal for solution architecture. FreePraXtice is a subset of ProfessionalalPraXtice that you can use to get going very quickly, confident that when you adopt ProfessionalPraXtice you won’t have wasted any effort.

If you obtained ProPraXtice from a third party send an email with proof of purchase to and we’ll send you a zipped file of the referenced artefacts.

ProPraXtice includes:

  • FreePraXtice edition
  • PraXtice Foundations which describes how PraXtice works
  • ProPraXtice which covers almost twice as many topics as FreePraXtice
  • ProPraXtice Archi model with approximately 35 example views
  • ProPraXtice Design Decisions Artefact
  • ProPraXtice Estimation and RISK Instructions
  • ProPraXtice Estimation and RISK Artefact with Work Sheet Estimation and Risk documentation
  • ProPraXtice Architecture Vision Example

Available on Amazon Download

Complete PraXtice

The CompletePraXtice edition focuses on the Planner and Owner perspectives with modules for different architecture segments. CompletePraXtice provides tools and techniques for creating roadmaps, blueprints, goverance models and routines for aligning architectures.

For more information about ProPraXtice email and arrange a free 30 minute consultation in which we'll talk about methodology and your organisation and see if Complete PraXtice is a fit for your architecture programme.

Advanced PraXtice

AdvancedPraXtice is the gold standard of PraXtice and is only available to qualified organisations after the successful implementation of the earlier editions. That’s right, AdvancedPraXtice can't just be bought, that’s because at True Technology Partners we know that you can’t implement Architecture; you have to cultivate it!


Could the performance of your architecture be improved?

Did you know?

  • MOST architecture programmes fail
  • 40% of ALL programmes are wound up every three years

Wonder how you are tracking?

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It is always easier to talk about a technology when it's being demonstrated. At the True Technology Partners Lab, we have demonstrations that you can use to start the conversation.

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